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Please note that we do not give refunds for cancelled sessions but will be happy to change your booking if you provide at least 7 days notice, and the new arrival date is within 14 days of the  original booking.

Fox Lake Coole Acres Fishery

Fox Lake

This is the specimen lake with Carp and Welsh Catfish.

We added 4 new Carp in November 2023. We now have 32lb, 35lb, 36lb and a whopping 40lb.  The Welsh Catfish range up to 50lb.

A day session is £20 for 2 rods and £25 for 3 rods.
24hr session is £35 for 2 rods and £38 for 3 rods.

Guests are £5 per day and £10 for 24hrs.

Coole Acres Fishery Spanner-Lake

Spanner Lake

This is our pleasure lake with Carp and Roach.
The Carp are smaller than those in Fox Lake, with sizes ranging upto double figures.

Day sessions is £15
24hrs £30
Maximum of 2 rods
Guests are £5 per day and £10 for 24hrs

Lodge Lake Coole Acres Fishery

Lodge Lake

Mixed species of Tench, Carp and Roach.
There are a few Ghost Carp up to 16lb in this lake.

Day ticket £12

No night fishing

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