Fishery Rules

General Rules

  • Bait boats are allowed.
  • You must be in possession of a valid EA rod licence.
  • Rods must not be left unattended.
  • Barbless hooks only.
  • No wading.
  • No dogs.
  • No guns, fires, drugs or heavy drinking.
  • No fixed leads.
  • 3 rods allowed with appropriate licence unless doubling up when 4 rods are allowed between you.
  • Fish must not be moved between lakes.
  • Gates are locked between 8pm and 8am.

Fox Lake Rules

  • Nets, slings and unhooking mates must be dipped in the net dip provided.
  • Floating retention slings are permitted for upto 30 minutes  whilst preparing to unhook, weigh and photo the fish.
  • Carp sacks and keep nets are not allowed.
  • High sided mates or cradles are required by each angler.
  • You must be in possession of a 42” landing net minimum.
  • Line must be a minimum of 15lb breaking strain, no braided mainline.
  • No treble hooks.
  • No live bait.
  • No nuts.

Spanner and Lodge Lake Rules

  • 2 rod maximum.
  • Nets, slings and unhooking mats must be dipped in the net dip provided.
  • Please choose where to fish with consideration of others in mind.
  • Unhooking mats must be used for all fish.
  • No nuts.

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