Site Rules

Anglers to the site are required to comply at all times with all the rules as given below.

These rules may be amended or expanded at any time; anglers should make sure that they read the current version on the occasion of each visit.

Failure to comply with the rules may result in the angler being asked to leave the premises, and in serious cases a ban on future access may result.


  1. All anglers must be in possession of a valid Environment Agency Rod License, and will be required to produce this item for inspection before being allowed to fish.
  2. All anglers are expected to show respect and courtesy to fellow anglers and the fishery staff at all times.
  3. Children under the age of 16 years MUST be accompanied by an adult.
  4. Dogs are NOT allowed, except in the case of assistance dogs for the blind or deaf.
  5. Disabled anglers have priority at all times on the disabled pegs.
  6. On Fox Lake fishing is permitted only from the fishing pegs provided.
  7. On Fox Lake from any given peg no fishing is permitted beyond half-way to the next occupied peg. Should bait already be in the water when an angler arrives on a previously unoccupied adjacent peg it is the responsibility of the in-situ angler to reel in and re-site their bait if necessary.
  8. A maximum of 2 rods is permitted (3 rods November thru March on Fox Lake only).
  9. The use of braided main line is not permitted.
  10. Anglers are responsible at all times for the security of their personal belongings and vehicle. The fishery management accepts no responsibility for loss or damage to same.
  11. Anglers are responsible at all times for their own safety, and enter the premises and fish and use the facilities entirely at their own risk.
  12. Representatives of the fishery management reserve the right to inspect persons, property and vehicles at any time.
  13. Alcohol is permitted in moderation only; any abuse of this concession will lead to immediate expulsion from site.
  14. Drugs are BANNED without exception. The management will notify the local police if we believe drugs have been brought onto the fishery.

Fish Welfare

  1. Every angler is required to be is possession of a quality landing net + unhooking mat or cradle + weight sling suitable for the Lake they are fishing – ALL SUCH NETS/MATS/SLINGS WILL BE REQUIRED TO BE DIPPED BEFORE ENTRY TO THE FISHERY if they are not bone dry on arrival. Minimum dip time 1 hour!
  2. Keep nets are NOT permitted.
  3. Under no circumstances are any fish to be introduced to the waters.
  4. Removal of fish is not permitted, and any such act will result in a report to the police and the fishery management will pursue a charge of theft. Please note that we micro-chip all of our larger lake fish.
  5. No rods with baited hooks either in the water or on the bank are to be left unattended at any time.
  6. Only single barbless/micro-barbed hooks are permitted, maximum size 8, unless the angler is specifically targeting catfish on Fox Lake when the maximum size is 4.
  7. No fixed or semi-fixed weights or fixed feeders to be used – only free running are permitted.
  8. The use of carp-sacks is NOT permitted.
  9. The management expects that only suitable tackle will be used, and reserves the right to require an angler to cease using any tackle which we deem to be unsuitable.


  1. Tinned meats (spam/luncheon meat) to be used as hook bait only, no loose feeding of these is permitted in large quantities.
  2. Quality Boilies please – we do routinely check!
  3. Maggots + Worms – bring as many kilos as you wish = there is no better food you can feed to our fish!
  4. FOR CATFISH ANGLERS ONLY – live-baiting/dead-baiting is permitted with silverfish only (max weight  of 8oz), provided these have been caught by you in Fox Lake. NO LIVE FISH TO BE BROUGHT ONTO SITE. Dead marine baits (i.e. mackerel/squid) are permitted.

Site Aspects

  1. Litter – anglers are responsible for ensuring that they either take their litter home, or deposit it in the refuse facility in the reception car park area.
  2. Fences – anglers should not cross fence boundaries = they are there for good reason.
  3. Signs – please read and obey them appropriately.
  4. Wildlife – please respect and enjoy our wildlife and do all in your power to ensure that you cause them no harm.
  5. Plants and vegetation – please do not damage any planted area.
  6. No fires or BBQ’s are permitted.
  7. Toilet facilities – we are proud to offer very high specification quality toilet facilities and we respectfully ask you to treat these facilities with respect and as you would if they were your own.
  8. Anglers lodge facilities – access to this area is a concession and not a right, and we expect our anglers to treat it with respect while they enjoy the benefits.

In the event that you require any clarification please ask and we will be happy to help by explaining further.