The Dream

Everybody has a dream… a vision of a better future…
The best workplace and prettiest surroundings at home…
A fishery! What an idea to have and to try to find the perfect place…
Dozens of country walks, acres and acres of sites and we finally found our 20 acres in South Cheshire, by Nantwich.

The Vision

Providing the best fishing in the area in a beautiful location with high quality facilities.

The Reality Check

Getting planning permission was tedious, lengthy and looked almost impossible – but in 2009 we finally managed to get it.
Moving thousands of cubic metres of Cheshire clay then turned out to be more challenging than anticipated, even with incredibly powerful machines.
Planting thousands of plants on 20 acres was a massive task… and we hope to reap the rewards once everything sprouts leaves and blooms!

The Future?

Well just come along and watch it develop, and enjoy what we have created.